Our Three Winners Foundation, in partnership with the Othering & Belonging Institute and the Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project at the University of California Berkeley, launched the annual two week Social Policy Fellowship. The goal of the Social Policy Fellowship is to build the next generation of social change makers, driven by shared values to promote equality and justice. 

The Social Policy Fellowship engages current and future policymakers on implicit bias, historical injustices and narratives surrounding minority groups, and negative stereotypes that contribute to the exclusion and dehumanization of marginalized communities. The fellowship takes a rights-based approach to address how Islamophobia intersects with other systems of oppression. The fellowship is guided by experts in the fields of social justice, Islamophobia, anti-racism, implicit bias, communication, policymaking, and advocacy. This includes addressing how bias enters into the policymaking process, unlearning bias, and applicable techniques for debiasing to inform and promote inclusive and equitable policies. 

The Social Policy Fellowship provides a safe space for engagement and education to advance more inclusive, equitable policies and government interventions. In the words of our past fellows, the Social Policy Fellowship provided them with a “more critical lens,” a “space where they belonged,” and an “opportunity to engage with others on uncomfortable topics.” They were left with the skills to have “more empathy towards the history of trauma of various groups,” and be able to identify their own “blindspots.” This fellowship is the beginning of making real change in influencing and implementing more equitable policies for building an inclusive America that is free of hate and violence.


Dr. Suzanne Barakat

Our Three Winners Foundation

Dr. Hatem Bazian

UC Berkeley

Elsadig Elsheikh

 Haas Institute

Working Team

Somayeh Nikooei

 Our Three Winners Foundation

Dr. Maha Hilal

Our Three Winners Foundation

Basima Sisemore

Othering & Belonging Institute

2019 Social Inclusion Policy Fellows

Eric Henson

Policy Advisor, City of San Diego, Council District 4, CA

Ana Yeli Ruiz

Master of Public Policy Candidate, UC Riverside, CA

Amer Rashid

Legislative Aide, Office of Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes, CA

Elizabeth Dallman

Legislative Aide to San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley, CA

Jon Wizard

City Councilmember, City of Seaside, CA

Jessica Rosalita Bank

Program Manager for the Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellowship Program

Russell Lee

Staff Member CA Assemblymember Phil Ting

Shaniqua Williams

Auburn University Public Administration and Public Policy Doctoral Student

Lesley Milton

Public Affairs Officer and City Clerk, City of Seaside, CA

2019 Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship Speakers

Dr. Suzanne Barakat

Our Three Winners Foundation

Dr. Hatem Bazian

UC Berkeley

Dr. Jack Glaser

Gold­man School of Pub­lic Pol­icy, UC Berkeley

Perfecta Oxholm

Gold­man School of Pub­lic Pol­icy, UC Berkeley

Dr. Todd H. Green

Luther College

Zahra Billoo, Esq

SFBA Council of American Islamic Relations

Kevin Hickey

University of San Francisco/SF State University

Dr. Michael Omi

UC Berkeley

Wadie E. Said, Esq

University of South Carolina

Dr. Munir Jiwa

Graduate Theological Union

Dr. Shirin Sinnar

Stanford Law School

Dr. Maha Hilal

Our Three Winners Foundation

Dr. Maxwell Leung

California College of the Arts

Dr. Daniel Tutt

Unity Productions Foundation

Dr. David Oppenheimer

Berkeley Law School

Yoana Tchoukleva, Esq

Equal Justice Society

Spojmie Nasiri, Esq

The Law Office of Spojmie Nasiri

Hala Hijazi

SF Human Rights Commission

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