Jessica Rosalita Bank

Position: Program Manager for the Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellowship Program
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Rosalita Bank, who goes by Jess, is the Program Manager for the Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellowship Program housed at San Francisco State University. She has spent the last five years serving primarily first-generation and low-income students in support of achieving higher education. She is also a Candidate for her Master’s of Public Administration at San Francisco State. Her professional and academic careers focus on educational equity. She believes that marginalized communities are affected by biased educational policies that have lifelong ramifications for members of these communities.

Jess is a member of Pi Alpha Alpha – The Global Honor Society for Public Affairs & Administration and the Municipal Management Association of Northern California. She has been awarded the Graduate Equity Fellowship by San Francisco State for both 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Professors have recruited her as a research assistant and guest lecturer for various projects within San Francisco State University.

Both her professional and academic careers have helped Jess heal from the loss of her mother at Spring 2018. She plans to continue serving her various communities through authenticity and trust building. While wrapping up her degree (expected to be completed May of 2020), Jess plans to continue studying how to make education more equitable through policy. She resides in Berkeley, CA and lives with her husband and two dogs — Logan and Storm. She’s growing a patio garden and loves to craft.