Somayeh Nikooei

Somayeh serves as the Director of Operations at Our Three Winners Foundation. She started her position in August 2018. Prior to that, from 2009-2018, She was the Director of Operations at the Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF). She helped launch ISF and plays now a similar role at OTW. Somayeh has a B.A. in Architectural Design from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently a part-time MPA student at San Francisco State University focusing on Non-Profit Management. Prior to accepting her position at ISF, she was the Principal of Farsi Andeesheh School at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California. She serves on the board of Northern California Islamic Council (NCIC) and on the Advisory Council of ISF. She speaks three languages and enjoys yoga, painting, reading, cooking, hiking, and biking with her two daughters and husband.