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Remembering Razan

Razan was hard-working, dedicated, compassionate, and comforting. Whether it be a painting of a dove on the Palestinian flag or her active involvement in her friendships, she always put her best effort in. Like Razan, we should put our best effort in the things important to us.

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Remembering Yusor

Yusor always put others’ needs above her own. She went to great lengths to help, traveling to Turkey to provide dental care to Syrian refugees and preparing meals for the homeless in Chapel Hill. Her name, derived from a verse in the Qur’an, means to bring about ease, and that is exactly what she did…

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Remembering Deah

When remembering Deah, we recall how kind, dedicated, and friendly he was. From his love of basketball to his commitment to friends, family, and religion, we understand how he always put others above himself. He was, above all else, a team player. We should also strive to be team players.

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