As we continue to cherish Deah, Yusor and Razan’s legacy, we are excited about the creation of the Social Inclusion Institute, a collaborative initiative with the Othering & Belonging Institute and the Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project. The Institute and its programs have the goal of bridging government, community and academia and achieving social equity by instilling awareness about personal and institutional biases. 

The first program of the Institute is called the Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship which will be hosted at UC Berkeley's beautiful campus starting summer of 2019. The fellowship engages policymakers and their staff members interested in debiasing, unlearning harmful stereotypes and narratives of different target groups, and creating more equitable policies that use research not tropes to formulate interventions.

The first cohort will include policy makers from throughout California. The program will expand to other states and Congress over time.


Dr. Suzanne Barakat, Our Three Winners

Dr. Hatem Bazian, Professor

Elsadig Elsheikh, Othering & Belonging Institute

Somayeh Nikooei, Our Three Winners